Ascenders and Descenders

CMC Clutch

The Multi Purpose Rope Travel Device to end all multi purpose rope travel devices.

Single wearable tool designed for multiple uses: hauling, lowering, personal descent, ascending and belaying.
Stainless steel ratcheting and rotating sheave provides efficient and audible progress capture.
Innovative double-latched side plate design for rope loading.
Anti-panic brake. Machined aluminium chassis clad with stainless steel wear guards.
Integrated becket.
Skylotec Sirius

One of the most versatile industrial descenders on the market in a compact and intelligent design, the Sirius prevents rope twisting by its threading design. The stainless steel design is durable and the automatic closure system under pressure, ingenious.

Weight: 510g
Rated Load: 250Kg
CT Sparrow 200R

Self-braking device for descending, work positioning and ascending. Great for assisted or simultaneous lowering. Multi-functional command lever equipped with the EBS braking system activated in case of accidental opening.

Weight: 529g
WLL: 120 to 200Kg
Rope Size: 11mm
CE Certified
Made in Italy
Petzl I'D S

Self-braking descender with anti-panic function and anti-error safety catch; safety gate helps prevent dropping the device, pivoting cam facilitates taking up slack and can be used to make a reversible haul system.

Weight: 530 g
Colours: yellow or black
Rope diameter: 10 - 15 mm
Loads up to 250 kg (expert use only)
Petzl I'D L

Self-braking descender with anti-panic function.
Designed specifically for rescue situations; lacks gated attachment hole. Unblock the rope and control descent, move easily on horizontal or low-angle terrain. Anti-panic function and anti-error safety catch.

Weight: 530 g
Rope diameter: 11.5 - 13 mm
Colours: Red or black
Lowers heavy loads up to 272 kg (expert use only)
Petzl RIG

The classic self-braking ascender, compact and reliable. The auto-lock system allows pinpoint positioning at the work station without having to constantly manipulate the handle. Can be installed on the rope without disconnection from the harness. Stainless steel wear plate.

Weight: 400g
MWL: 200Kg
Rope Size: 10 - 11.5mm
Edelrid Elevator

Edelrid's hand ascender is ergonomically designed with self cleaning slots to grip on wet or muddy ropes. Triple attachment point. Available in Left or Right configurations.

Approved rope diameter: 8 - 13mm
Weight: 220 g
Petzl Ascension

Wide, ergonomic molded handle allows a comfortable yet powerful grip. Toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimizes performance under any conditions. Lower holes for connecting a SPELEGYCA lanyard and installing a FOOTPRO foot loop. Both left and right versions can be purchased in all black.

Weight: 195 g
Rope diameter: Single ropes, 8 - 13 mm
CT Quick Roll

Taking the hand ascender and whacking on an integrated pulley was a stroke of genius from Italy's Climbing Technology. Alongside all the benefits this brings, the Quick Roll has a lovely steel cam mechanism, durable, self-cleaning, and easy to open one-handed. Chuck in two hooking holes and an over-moulded handle for superior grip, and you've got a doozy.

Weight: 255g
WLL: 140Kg
Kong Lift Ascender

Contoured for comfort this handled rope clamp/grab is ideal for ascension of fixed ropes. Its easy to use cam has been specifically designed to minimise rope wear. Available in left and right hand versions.

Weight: 225
Rope diameter: 8 - 13 mm
Kong Procave Ascender

The Procave ascenders, left- and right-handed, feature a breakthrough in ascender design with their compact size and angled handles which deliver unparralleled comfort and performance. They reduce fatigue on your hands and have a wide top shoulder that can be used to grip with a second hand.

Weight: 225 g
Rope diameter: 8 - 13 mm
Kong Futura Hand Ascender

Set to revolutionise the ascension market. It is extremely small though easy to use, weighs only 125 g, and comes with two different sized handles for ergonomic customisation. Well suited for confined space access.

Weight: 125 g
Left and right hand versions.
Rock Exotica Akimbo

The Akimbo is a beautiful and unique climbing tool that attaches mid-line for ascent or descent on stationary or moving rope systems.

Code: RG80
Rope Sizes: 11.5 - 13mm
WLL: 100 or 130kg
Weight: 261g
Rock Exotica Unicender

The unique design of the Unicender allows for easy ascending and descending via looping around the friction plates. Attaching mid-line, the unicender is flexible enough to be used in both Single Rope and Double Rope techniques. Click on the link below to check it out.

Code: RG50
Weight: 308g
Rope Size: 11-13mm
Petzl Zigzag

A mechanical Prusik designed for arborists, the friction chain provides precision and fluidity when moving around. The pulley is mounted on sealed ball bearings to allow the slack to be taken up easily, and the lower attachment hole is fixed to ensure alignment of the device with the axis of the worker. Suitable for single or double ropes.

Weight: 365g
WLL: 140Kg
Rope Size: 11-13mm
Petzl Croll Chest Ascender

Used with the ASCENSION rope clamp for ascending a rope, the toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimizes performance under any conditions (e.g. frozen or dirty ropes.) Thumb catch can be pinched for easy manipulation when the clamp is in position, and the angled attachment hole allows the device to lie flat against the chest.

Weight: 130 g
Rope diameter: Single ropes, 8 - 13 mm
Edelrid Wind Up

The Wind Up is a clamp mechanism with a safety lock, perfect for use as a chest ascender. Self cleaning slots are designed for wet or muddy ropes.

Width: 74mm
Length: 102mm
Approved rope diameter: 8 - 13mm
Weight: 140 g
Kong Futura Body Ascender

Super compact, super light and super effective. The perfect inclusion in any rope kit for those just in case scenarios. It has been specifically designed for climbing, caving, rescue work, canyoning, the list is endless.

Weight: 80 g
Petzl Rescucender

Cam-loaded rope clamp.
Removable axle can be used to install or remove the clamp at any point on the rope, and the locking pin reduces the risk of undoing the system accidentally.

Weight: 250 g
Rope dimensions: Single rope, 9 - 13 mm
Petzl Tibloc Rope Clamp

Extremely lightweight and compact emergency rope clamp which is easy to use with a locking carabiner for ascending ropes or for setting up hauling systems. Very efficient and compact. Equipped with teeth and a self-cleaning slot, it can be used on dirty or icy ropes.

Weight: 40 g
Rope diameter: Single rope, 8 - 11 mm
Additional specifications: Use with a locking carabiner
Kong Duck Microblock

The Duck is a new emergency ascender which was conceived for use with ropes between 9 and 13 mm diameter. The Duck also works on plain and tubular slings between 10 and 15 mm wide making it exceptionally useful in emergency situations. (Carabiner not included).

Weight: 70 g
Edelrid Prostep

Combined with a hand ascender, this 20mm webbing foot loop with comfy stirrup makes shinning up a breeze. The buckle makes it fully adjustable. Max Length 120cm. max load 150Kg.
Yates Rescue Stirrups

The solid buckle and streamlined design make this rescue stirrup simple yet effective. A 10cm wide vinyl foot loop extends to 6' or 182 cm. Use with hand ascender for rope ascent, but also works well in horizontal traverses.
Petzl Pantin Foot Ascender

Used to complement the CROLL, ASCENSION or ASCENTREE rope clamps. The cam facilitates passage of the rope through the device, even on the first few meters. Toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimizes performance under any conditions. Comes in Left and right configurations.

Weight: 120 g
Rope diameter: 8 - 13
Petzl Footape

An adjustable webbing foot loop designed to be used with a hand ascender for ascending a rope. Abrasion resistant underfoot strap with elastic to fit most footwear. Doubleback buckle for length adjustment. Weight: 65g
Petzl Gradistep

A five step polyester etrier which packs up into the integrated pouch, neat as you like. Includes a 'String' for carabiner positioning. Weight: 146g.
Black Diamond ATC

Lightweight, original and often copied design. Unique, smooth handling geometry; minimalist design is durable in all conditions. Large surface area dissipates heat when lowering or rappelling.

Weight: 60 g
Rope diameter: 7.7 - 11 mm
Petzl Rack

Variable friction descender with braking bars. Friction can be adjusted during the descent according to the weight of the rope; lower bar is removable and easy to put in place. Distributes friction and heat to help preserve the rope and doesn't twist the rope.

Weight: 470 g
Rope diameter: 9 - 13 mm
Kong Hydrobot Descender

The Hydrobot is a new tool conceived for modern canyoning; it can be used both with one or two ropes and it allows an easy changement of braking force even under load. Compared to other models, Hydrobot avoids the risk of accidental loss, any rope twisting and the wear of the connector.

Weight: 150 g
Rope diameter: 5 - 12 mm
Rock Exotica Totem

This funny-shaped alloy rack is designed to be the most flexible abseiling device ever. The multi-functioning rigging plate, fig 8, belay device etc etc will quickly become one of your favourite pieces of gear. Click on the link below to check it out.

Code: F10
Weight: 128g
Fits Ropes" 10.5 - 13mm
MBS: 30kN
Conterra Scarab FR

The ultimate descender, the Scarab's pure symmetrical design obviates the risk of mis-threading and can be used with either hand. That and the grooved bar eliminate rope twist, and the horns make adding friction and locking off laughably easy. The stainless steel model is machined from solid plate and is incredibly wear-resistant.

Weight: 385g
Minimum Breaking Strength: 24kN
Rope Size: 9 to 13mm

The ultimate descender, the Scarab's pure symmetrical design obviates the risk of mis-threading and can be used with either hand. That and the grooved bar eliminate rope twist, and the horns make adding friction and locking off laughably easy. The titanium model is machined from solid plate and is incredibly light.

Weight: 185g
Minimum Breaking Strength: 20kN
Rope Size: 6 to 11mm
Rock Exotica MiniEight

The MiniEight features side ears that let you easily vary friction, accommodate a wide range of rope sizes and are super easy to tie off. The 'biner hole has a rubber gasket that fits tightly to your carabiner.

Weight: 2.1 oz (60 gm)
Height: 3.64" (92mm)
Width: 3.21" (82 mm)
Max rope diameter: (Single Rope): 13mm
Max rope diameter: (double rope): 10.5mm
Breaking strength: 14kN
Rock Exotica Rescue 8

Weight: 1.7 oz (49 gm)
Height: 2.96" (75 gm)
Width: 3.05" (78 mm)
Max rope diameter: (wingle rope): 13 mm
Max rope diameter: (double rope): 10.5 mm
Breaking strength: 14 kN
Kong Classic Figure 8

A classic alloy figure 8 perfect for just about any vertical application.

Weight: 135 g
Max load: 35 kN
Rope diameter: 9 - 12 mm
Kong Big Stainless Steel Rescue Figure 8

For corrosive environments or when you are looking for the ultimate in strength and durability, the stainless big rescue 8 answers the call.

Weight: 750 g
Strength rating: 50 kN
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