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Southern Cross Equipment is a proud import and distributor of the following brands. If you would like to enquire about retailing our products please contact us.

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Now over 40 years old, the original premise of the founding directors of DMM was to make the best possible equipment at the best price. From the very outset the company has developed products in two main areas, with recreational climbing/mountaineering sitting alongside the industrial market. A third string to their bow is Helix Tactical, which produces immaculate hardware for military units all over the world (email us for details). DMM - Made in Wales.

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Edelrid have been in the rope business since 1863, and have grown to become one of the premier industrial rope suppliers in Europe and the world. Pioneering new technologies, the German brand brought out the first examples of kernmantel and dynamic rope following that up with the first climbing harness in 1965. They've backed up they're rope offerings in recent years with a host of well-designed rope access equipment from harnesses to hardware to soft goods - a complete solution for the height safety professional.

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Germany’s Fidlock produce a range of magnetically-sealing dry pouches that work much better than any other current dry bag designs, be they the old roll-tops, Velcro or T-zips. Fidlock’s line of magnets instantly snaps shut to give IPX8 protection (waterproof against continuous immersion in water deeper than 1m for long periods), rather than having to roll down the top three times and clip. Also, the welded seams won’t delaminate, and touch screen devices can be used through the TPU material.

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Hight Access Innovation.

Revolutionary temporary anchors for rope access work and more.

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The highest quality products that make the outdoors in particularly extreme environments accessible.

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Pigeon Mountain Industries, aka PMI, based out of Lafayette, Georgia, love rope and all its associated accessories. Roping gloves? Check. Edge rollers? Check. Whip end dip? You got it. And that’s before we even get into the rope itself! Their 11mm Extreme Pro with Unicore is a stone cold classic.

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Rip's Cleats

Small and lightweight, these cleats make it easy to transfer to icy terrain.

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Rock Exotica

Gear for the Y-Axis.

For the true aficionado, there is only one rope access brand worth buying, and that's Rock Exotica. Born in Utah, RE have grown to perfect not only the basics such as carabiners, swivels, rigging plates and pulleys, but also such unique designs as the legendary Arizona Vortex Multipod, the Aztek Elite Pulley Set kit, and the beautiful single rope ascender, the Akimbo. The enForcer is the most advanced load cell on the market.

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SMC, aka the Seattle Manufacturing Corporation, are like the west coast version of PMI, except they’re the masters of hardware over soft goods. Edge pro, pulleys, descenders – they do it all, and do it magnificently. Their Edge Rollers and Roof Rollers are the pride of our SMC range.

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For decades, Sterling has been a leader in crafting top-quality, innovative static and dynamic ropes and cords. They pioneered a 48-carrier static sheath for enhanced durability and handling, introduced the first 100% Polyester static rope (HTP), and were the first to provide 100% Technora heat- and abrasion-resistant ropes for the fire industry. Celebrating their 30th year, Sterling is widely recognized as the pinnacle of rope production by industry professionals. If you're not using it yet, you should be.

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US climbing brand Trango are the designers and manufacturers of the unique FRD – Fast Rope Device – for a controlled, hands-free descent during heli ops. If you’re running Fast Rope, you’ll need FRDs, and we’ve got them.

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YATES sewn products are manufactured in Redding, California, using exclusively American-sourced textiles and webbings derived from domestically manufactured raw materials. The majority of their products adhere to Berry Amendment standards and have been shaped by collaborative input from field professionals over the years.

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