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The Akimbo is a beautiful and unique climbing tool that attaches mid-line for ascent or descent on stationary or moving rope systems.
the rope contact surfaces (Upper and Lower Bollards) adjust to accommodate a wide range of rope sizes to suit the climber's needs or preferences—all without tools or disassembling components. The Bollards can also be adjusted to increase or decrease friction to accommodate changes in climber weight, changes in environment, or adjust for natural wear of the Akimbo's contact surfaces.


The Akimbo opens easily to remove or install a rope mid-line in seconds, and compresses back down into a compact form factor both on and off the rope. When climbing on stationary rope, the chest harness connection point facilitates quick connections by way of an innovative wire gate. As opposed to a closed loop attachment, the wire gate conveniently allows the climber to use a small non-PPE carabiner to connect to the SRS attachment point, or directly to a loop of cord.

Approved for use with Sterling HTP.
  • Code: RG80
  • Rope Sizes: 11.5 - 13mm
  • WLL: 100 or 130kg
  • Certified: ISO 9001
  • Weight: 261g

EU Declaration of Conformity

User Manual

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